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Creamfields review – inhibitions shed for sensory EDM overload

Daresbury, CheshireWith Eric Prydz, the Chainsmokers and Annie Mac providing beats from breakfast to bedtime, hedonistic energy was needed for the 20th anniversary of the dance festival – and the audience deliveredCelebrating its 20th year, the festiva…

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‘So much cooler back then’: exhibition recreates Berlin techno club culture

Visitors are promised a taste of the newly reunited city’s 1990s underground music sceneIf you can remember it, you probably weren’t there, as the old adage goes. What was true of the summer of love generation applies also to Berlin’s 1990s techno scen…

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The Medicis of raving: how Elrow became a dance music empire

The Arnau family started with a single social club in 1870. Now, the Spanish dynasty turns over £18m a year with its hypercolour techno carnivals – by prizing spectacle over DJsThe Arnau family, which runs the super-successful Spanish party brand Elrow…

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How Grand Theft Auto created a virtual underground clubbing scene

Avatars of real-life DJs curate – and create – cool music and players have ownership of their nightclubs in the latest After Hours update, which puts GTA at the heart of pop cultureIn 2002’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the first record you hear on a c…

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‘It’s anarchy and hedonism’: Janus, the club night that reinvented Berlin

With its sound collage of grime, techno and more, Janus has brought a fresh intensity to the city’s club scene – and its partnership with Berghain means it keeps getting strongerThe Roman god Janus commands transitions and doorways; his double-face loo…

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Sex, sin and sausages: the debauched brilliance of Leigh Bowery

His shocking shows – featuring births, enemas and vomiting – thrilled and appalled. Two decades after his death, why is the influence of this 80s nightclub legend still so pervasive?He was painted naked and sprawling by Lucian Freud. He “gave birth” to…

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